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Easy answer, right? Maybe not.  Our definition of 'orphan' is any child whose parents cannot (or will not) care for them as a child needs to be cared for properly.  Thus, the parents may have died, or maybe the parents are still alive, but unable to care for their child due to illness, poor choices (eg. in prison), poverty, unwillingness or lack of knowledge.Examples:

  • In the USA, foster children are orphans.
  • In Ukraine, children living on the streets because of drug addicted parents are orphans.
  • In India, children with widowed mothers who cannot provide for them because they have no job skills are orphans.
  • In China or South Korea, a baby left to die (because she is a girl or he is disabled) is an orphan.

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Sept 2013 – A small group of Christians in Berrien Springs, MI start to meet weekly to learn more about God's call for His people to care for orphans and what they could do.


Nov 2013 – We hosted our first Awareness Campaign inviting all the Christian churches in Berrien County, MI to attend an event to inform and encourage them to get involved in caring for orphans, locally and globally.


2014 – God's Hands 4 Kids was created. We changed from being a small group of individuals who were mainly exploring and learning about orphan care into a growing ministry involved in meeting the needs of orphans.